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(05:38:18 PM) sgallagh_afk: bnoordhuis: Hi, just wanted to ask a couple questions about what you meant when you said you were ripping out libev.
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(05:38:55 PM) bnoordhuis: sgallagh: hey
(05:38:56 PM) sgallagh: And I also thought I might suggest switching to libverto if the opportunity is there
(05:39:19 PM) bnoordhuis: sgallagh: i'm removing libev as a dependency of uv-unix
(05:39:34 PM) sgallagh: (Which is basically a common interface supporting libev, libtevent, libloop, etc.)
(05:39:56 PM) sgallagh: Removing it from being needed at all, or replacing it?
(05:40:05 PM) bnoordhuis: sgallagh: the former
(05:40:16 PM) bnoordhuis: it's only used now to drive the inner event loop, libuv takes care of everything else
(05:40:18 PM) sgallagh: Oh, interesting. So there's no need for an async event loop now?
(05:40:22 PM) ryah: bnoordhuis: first libev then libc, right?
(05:40:27 PM) bnoordhuis: ryah: yes :)
(05:40:28 PM) sgallagh: heh
(05:40:30 PM) ryah: good :)
(05:40:55 PM) sgallagh: bnoordhuis: Well, I'll admit that makes my life as a packager somewhat easier :)
(05:41:20 PM) txdv_: libuvOS please
(05:41:21 PM) ryah: oh god did the libuv package dynamically link to libev? sigh
(05:41:33 PM) sgallagh: ryah: No, it statically linked it
(05:41:36 PM) bnoordhuis: sgallagh: i like making other people's lifes easier provided it doesn't make my life harder
(05:42:04 PM) bnoordhuis: err, lives
(05:42:36 PM) sgallagh: bnoordhuis: Well, I recently got handed the live grenade that is "make Node.JS packagable in Fedora" and Step One was "break libuv's static link to libev".
(05:43:03 PM) bnoordhuis: sgallagh: your life already got a little easier. as of this week we no longer use libeio
(05:43:06 PM) indutny: 1щл
(05:43:07 PM) indutny: ok
(05:43:09 PM) indutny: time to sleep
(05:43:09 PM) indutny: ttyl
(05:43:13 PM) bnoordhuis: sleep tight, fedor
(05:43:19 PM) txdv_: so bnoordhuis decided that the right step 1 is to rip libev out
(05:43:44 PM) sgallagh: txdv_: Works for me :)
(05:43:57 PM) indutny: bnoordhuis: uv_wait uv_wait
(05:43:59 PM) indutny: please
(05:44:05 PM) ***ryah holds his desparaging comments about linux distributions and how they've killed unix
(05:44:13 PM) bnoordhuis: indutny: hah okay, i'll try to review it tonight
(05:44:17 PM) indutny: thanks
(05:44:22 PM) sgallagh: ryah: Stagnation killed unix.
(05:44:24 PM) ***indutny signs off
(05:44:28 PM) ryah: no
(05:44:33 PM) txdv_: i'm on linux
(05:44:34 PM) txdv_: it is alive
(05:44:36 PM) ryah: the opposite
(05:44:49 PM) ***bnoordhuis retreats to vim
(05:45:18 PM) sgallagh: Full disclosure: I'm a Red Hat employee. So you may assume biased answers and we can skip the debate :)
(05:45:23 PM) txdv_: unix is dead says the dude who has a macbook
(05:46:08 PM) sgallagh: bnoordhuis: Anyway, thanks for the insight. I'll keep an eye out for the new changes.
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